Everyone feels the the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School a little more deeply because the victims include 20 children.  Most of us have devoted our professional lives to helping children.  This is not the place to write of my feelings about the tragedy, or my thoughts about gun control.  But perhaps it is a place to for all of us to share our vision.  Vision is output, it is what we do.   My vision is to build a better world.  My vision is not very specific, at least not now; not today.  Here is what I will do.  What is your vision?  What will you DO to remember and honor these children?

For Charlotte, I will question.
For Daniel, I will read.
For Olivia I will speak.
For Josephine, I will collaborate.
For Ana, I will share.
For Dylan I will shine a light.
For Madeleine, I will write.
For Catherine, I will learn.
For Chase, I will create.
For Jesse, I will challenge others.
For James, I will get it done.
For Grace, I will lend a hand.
For Emilie, I will make it count.
For Jack, I will vote.
For Noah, I will tell you why.
For Caroline, I will educate.
For Jessica, I will think twice.
For Avielle, I will repair what is broken..
For Benjamin, I will find what is missing.
For Allison, I will defend.
And for all the children, and Rachel, Dawn, Ann Marie, Lauren, Mary and Victoria, I will love.