I have access to various statistics concerning this blog’s performance. One of the more interesting statistics is views by country.  Over the last 7 days, the vast majority of the viewers are from the US, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.  But we have also had viewers from Kuwait, Portugal, Lebanon, Botswana, Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, Peru, Latvia, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Norway…….. you get the idea.  We are reaching people in all corners of the Earth and all the places in between.

Who are you?  What has brought you to this blog?  What are you most interested in reading about?  Are you practicing developmental optometry?  Have you been able to find a doctor practicing developmental vision in your part of the world?  Are you involved in another profession that often collaborates with developmental optometrists?  Are you just curious to learn more?

Please use the comments and tell us where you are from and what has brought you to this blog.  Let’s get a world-wide party started!