Check out this video highlighting a child that has been helped with vision therapy.  In the feature story, the child says he went from C’s and D’s to A’s and B’s in a matter of months.  To me it is another great example of how these developmental life altering vision problems can impact school performance and beyond.

This child’s developmental optometrist is Dr. Carol Scott.  She is the reason I am a developmental optometrist today.  During my first year of optometry school, Dr. Scott came and lectured about children she was working with.  She talked with passion about how so many of these smart, intelligent children were struggling in school due to treatable vision problems.  She talked about the profound impact treating these vision problems had on these children – in many instances, completely altering the trajectory of their lives.  Unfortunately, in our society,  if you cannot read well and therefore cannot perform well in school, so many doors quickly close to your future.  I knew during that lecture that this was the part of my profession I wanted to practice for the rest of my life.

In thinking about that moment, it is amazing how Dr. Carol’s seemingly small act of lecturing to a group of first year optometry students had such a profound impact on my life.  Before attending her lecture, I had considered vision therapy to be one of the last things I wanted to do in my future practice.  Now as a developmental optometrist I see the lives of children change everyday.

And so it is with vision therapy.  The way we will reach the many people who can benefit from developmental optometry  will be the accumulation of many little ripples.  The ever-growing number of lives affected and the ever-mounting body of evidence supporting vision therapy are becoming the waves that will bring our brand of optometry to the mainland.