Twitter Party! #childrensvision


7:00pm Eastern time/6:00pm Central time/5:00 Mountain time/4:00pm Pacific time

TWITTER PARTY for Children’s Vision

I’ve never been to a Twitter Party, but I am excited about participating in this one, celebrating children’s vision.  As kids everywhere are going back to school, I cannot think of a better event to bring closure to  August as Children’s Vision and Learning Month, and get ready for September’s Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month.

The Twitter Party is being sponsored by 5 Minutes for Mom, an online community for moms (and people who love kids) and Eye Smart (American Academy of Ophthalmology).  The conversation will focus on topics such as  vision screening recommendations, common eye problems in children, and teaching kids about eye health, vision and vision science.

There will be some giveaways too, gift cards from Amazon.

If you have a twitter account, you want to “follow” @5minutesformom@geteyesmart, @susancarraretto, and @jennifer_sikora

When contributing to the conversation you want to include the party hashtag (which is a searchable keyword) #childrensvision.

If you don’t have a Twitter account…….. well, you might want to get one today!

Hope to see you at the party.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the news on this. Would like to point out another mom’s discussion form for gifted kids, and the struggles parents go through to obtain accurate info re: vision and learning:

    Came across something very moving from an interview with former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, regarding her daugher, Luci. It is on p. 32 here:

    In prep for the Tiwtter Party, and something parents should know in this back-to-school season, note the conversation beginning p. 32:

    “She had long had an eye condition, now the well-known name for it is dyslexia. But there are many, many forms of that, where what you see doesn’t get translated to the brain in quite the way it should. It used to be a puzzle to her
    teachers and to us, that this child that we thought was so bright would not make good grades. And the teachers would talk to me about it and I would take her to the best eye doctors that I could, according to what my peers, the wives of other congressmen and senators, told me was the best eye doctor they’d found. And they’d say, “Nothing the matter.” Finally–no, this was even after this time–she fell into the hands of the doctor who finally discovered her ailment, was maybe after Lyndon became vice president. So it may have been still a year in the future. But it’s something that I want to tell a little bit about, because that lady doctor who took care of Kennedy — Janet Travail directed her, I think, as I recall, to a doctor, and his name I will too remember in a few minutes, because he has remained our lifelong friend. [He] figured out what it was, gave her a series of eye exercises that changed her whole life and personality, because she became an achiever up to her mental capacity, her very remarkable mental capacity, whereas before, because of this eye problem, she had just kind of been stunted, and frustrated, and angry. It changed her personality, her rate of performance; it was a wonderful blessing.”

    The interviewer asks: Was it eye exercises only that changed it? Then the name of the optometrist comes back to Lady Bird and she continues: “Dr. [Robert] Kraskin. I do not know what. It was treatments; a large part of it were eye exercises, I think. And whatever he did, it was a boon, principally to Luci, but just as much, almost, to her mother and the rest of the family. And that is a digression. But — “The interviewer interjects: Well, it’s a good one. And Lady Bird concludes: ” — in our life it was an important one.”

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