Developmental optometry has lost a giant.  Dr. Harold Solan passed away yesterday.  He was an extraordinary man in so many ways.  As a developmental optometrist, he set the bar very high, as a clinician, researcher, scholar, teacher, and mentor.  Dr. Solan made countless presentations at COVD’s annual meetings.  He won both the Getman Award and the Skeffington Award.  Every developmental optometrist in practice brings something that they learned from Dr. Solan to every patient encounter, whether or not they realize this.  He has touched the lives and careers of developmental optometrists all over the world, and through them, he has had a positive impact on more patients than can be counted.

I will write more about Dr. Solan’s work and writings sometime soon.  In the meantime, please leave a comment, tell us how Dr. Solan touched your life as a developmental optometrist.