Research on Convergence Insufficiency (CI): Insurance Companies Disregard for Patient Welfare

 It is important that we know and understand the research concerning CI for our patients’ benefit. This research clearly shows that in-office optometric vision therapy is the most efficacious treatment for convergence insufficiency. Major insurance companies are denying in-office vision therapy unless you conduct out of office/home therapy first. This rationale for the patient having 12 out of office/home based therapy sessions before in office therapy is inappropriate, unsubstantiated by research and potentially harmful to our patient’s well being and quality of life.They are recommending the least effective, most time consuming, and costly methodology of treatment. These insurance companies should reconsider this ill advised policy immediately.
If you are a patient reading this, go to your employer and ask them to support vision therapy by telling your insurance company to do no harm, to waste no money, and to support treatments shown to be effective.
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  1. thank you for the information sir.

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