I created a pinboard on Pinterest named “An Intro to VT on Pinterest.”  I placed various images on the pinboard, each linking to a different website.  I tried to include examples of different types of websites and information.  There are links to other organizations and their publications; a few videos related to vision therapy and developmental optometry; activities for in-office and home-based therapy; a parent blogging about her child’s journey through vision therapy; and some websites of other doctors with VT practices.

Take a look, start exploring.  Can you “see” what Pinterest does and how you might want to use it?  COVD is thinking about ways the organization can use Pinterest, but remember, it’s all about making connections; collaboration and sharing.  What ideas do you have?  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Feel free to browse through my other pinboards, too, even the ones that are not related to my life as a developmental optometrist (maybe you have some ideas for places I can go to take photos of the Hudson River for my final project for a digital photography class).