There is no better way to make a splash than to be on a hit TV show.  One of our members, Elise Brisco, OD, FCOVD was featured on “The Doctors” a TV show on CBS that highlights medical issues.
I really appreciated the piece because Dr. Brisco was able to highlight some very key issues on vision.  First, she was able to point out how important it is for children to have more than a vision screening by their pediatrician before entering school.  Your child should have an eye examination as early as 6 months of age!  Many people are probably unaware of a nation-wide program called Infantsee.  This program offers an eye exam for children ages 6 months to a year at no charge by hundreds of participating optometrists throughout the nation.  You may ask, “What can you examine at that age? After all, a baby  can’t tell the doctor which is better, one or two.”  There are many important aspects of a child’s eye health and visual development that should be checked at this early age.  Many problems with your child’s vision could be avoided if diagnosis and intervention takes place early.
Finally, I really appreciated how Dr. Brisco discussed her specialty as a developmental optometrist.  She discussed her role in identifying problems with vision development so crucial to good performance in school and sports.  These skills include the ability to track with the eyes, focus the eyes appropriately, and interpret our complex visual world.  Children with problems with vision development often complain of headaches at the end of the school day,  skipping words and lines when they read, reversing letters and words, or taking longer than average to complete assignments in school.  If a child struggles with vision, he or she will struggle in school.  So, make sure your child receives an eye exam before age 1, at 3 years old, and before they enter kindergarten.  After that, if vision is developing on schedule, children should be seen every one to two years as directed by their eye doctor.  To find a developmental optometrist near you, please click on the “locate a doctor” icon on the COVD website, or you can follow the link here.