I am excited to be another contributing author to this blog.  I really don’t think there is a better blog to be a part of.  One of the missions of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development is to help parents and patients learn about the vital role our vision plays in our development and education.  When there is a problem with vision, there is almost always problems in development and learning.

My hope is that my entries shed some more light on this critical relationship between vision, development, and learning.

The theme to my entries will be  Science and Splash. The “Science” part will deal with the great research going on in developmental vision.  The “Splash” will highlight some of the amazing things COVD members are doing to help those that have developmental vision problems.  Great things are happening.  I am excited to bring that to you.

The Science

This week I would like to highlight something I found in Dr. Dominick Maino’s blog.  If you would like to see a great blog on vision and development, his is a great one to follow.  He commented on a research article out of Behavior and Brain Functions titled, “Low visual information-processing speed and attention are predictors of fatigue in elementary and junior high school students.”  The study found that reduced visual information-processing speed and poor attention are independent predictors of fatigue in elementary and junior high school students.   I loved Dr. Maino’s comment on the research, “Developmental optometry has said for decades that anything that would interfere with vision processing (accommodation [eye focusing], vergence [eye teaming], , oculomotor dysfunctions [poor eye movements], etc) leaves little “energy” left over for learning.  It appears we were right once again.”  This is something I see and talk with my patients about everyday.

Look next week for “The Splash“…