Congratulations to Dr. Hoy Sun Shin, on becoming an FCOVD-A; Academic Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.  Dr. Shin is a full-time member of the faculty at Yangsan College in Yangsan City, South Korea.  She has been conducting research investigating the efficacy of vision therapy for children with binocular and accommodative dysfunctions.  Most of her research began with a screening process to identify children with  visual dysfunctions by using a “quality of life” questionnaire.  Parents were asked to describe the degree to which their children exhibited certain symptoms associated with vision problems, such as difficulty copying, headaches when reading, and/or poor reading comprehension.  Children with more symptoms, either in frequency or intensity, were then given comprehensive vision examinations to determine if there is a vision problem contributing to these symptoms.  Dr. Shin has conducted numerous investigations with these results:

  • A large percentage of the children with symptoms of vision problems did indeed have binocular and accommodative dysfunctions.
  • The children with visual dysfunctions did not perform as well on academic achievement tests when compared to visual “normal” children.
  • Vision therapy was effective at improving visual function and reducing symptoms in these children.
  • A year after completing vision therapy, the children retained these improvements in their visual skills as well as the reduction in symptoms.

Thank you, Dr. Shin for this valuable research.  Here is more evidence that children with poor visual skills are at a disadvantage in the classroom (and in life!) and that vision therapy is an effective treatment modality.

Dr. Shin is looking forward to further research to expand the evidence-base.  She is already evaluating the visual skills of a popuation of children diagnosed with ADHD.  We know that she is going to be a highly valued and contributing member of COVD with influence in Asia and around the world.