I remember the phone conversation I had with Greg when I referred him to Dr. Len Press for vision therapy many months ago.  Imagine my delight when I received this email from him a few days ago…….

I just left you a thank you message and thought I might get choked up when leaving it, which I did. My therapy with Leonard Press has been wonderful, thanks to your recommending that I consider looking him up when I called you 5 months ago asking for help. My therapy has taken 46 sessions to date. Dr. Press’s office has been such a wonderful and supportive place. They even included a mention about me and my blog in their most recent newsletter.  I’ve now woken in stereo for the past 4 days and remained in stereo the entire time.

I can see 3D movies for the first time in my 59 years, though they are hardly the only payoff in my effort to see in stereo. Our world is an amazing place… I find it hard to believe that I lived 59 years of my life in flatland. I still have a ways to go – I can go much deeper in stereo with a little Brock string or other exercise, even reading small text on my iPhone brings me into deep 3D. No headaches and no double vision during any of my sessions or for the pat 5 months – that was my greatest fear. It’s hard to admit that I almost cancelled starting VT for fear of those damn headaches.

I might not pass all the clinical tests – I still have a hard time finding the symbols in the stipple squares so many show to determine whether someone has stereopsis. As Dr. Press says, that’s a special skill not utilized much in real life so I shouldn’t lose sleep over it. I have another progress evaluation on Monday – I’m curious what that will bring.

I’m constantly telling my story to anyone who will listen.  I’ve put together a starter kit for those I run in to who might benefit, like my brother-in-law (stick, straw, eye patch, Hart chart and Lora’s card). I contacting my former optometrists to share with them my progress – sadly, they weren’t at all interested. Not to worry, I’m continuing my blog and hope that my next children’s book will be on vision therapy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you ever need my help in any way, please don’t hesitate to call.


Greg Voth
is leaving Flatland


There are so many things about this email that make me happy!  Obviously it is about a man who was helped with vision therapy, at an age when many would have said don’t bother, he is way beyond the “critical period” when visual problems can be overcome.  And this man has become an advocate of this brand of optometry, reaching out to other people who might benefit from vision therapy.  It also makes me happy because somehow, despite everything that is wrong with our healthcare system, I was able to play a part in getting Greg the help he needed.

What makes me happiest about this email is feeling Greg’s joy every morning when he awakes in stereo.   Yes, the world is an amazing place, it’s a 3-D movie 24/7, and you don’t need special glasses.  I tried to imagine what it would be like to experience stereo for the first time after living in Flatland for over 50 years!  I tried to think about where I would go, what I would try to re-experience.  I thought about the Grand Canyon, or Times Square or just going to a football game.   And then I thought about the simpler things in life like taking a walk in the woods, parking a car, or looking at my reflection in a mirror.  EVERYTHING must be different when you leave Flatland.

Congratulations Greg on leaving Flatland, and thanks for the wonderful email.  Even though I have had binocular vision and stereoscopic depth perception for my entire life, I am looking at the world a little differently today.

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