Thank you to all of the people who have submitted vision therapy success stories for the Visions of Hope video contest! We are so proud of your hard work! There have been more heartfelt and genuine entries than we expected and we love it! Every single one of these videos is important because it shows the huge difference that vision therapy made in a person’s life. The variety of videos show that vision therapy is not just for kids, and not just for adults, but for anyone who has a functional vision problem that they want to solve.

So now that we have all of the submissions, voting has begun! And voting is easy:

  1. Just follow this link to the voting application.
  2. Sign in to Facebook.
  3. Watch all the videos.
  4. Click like for the videos that you want to win.
  5. Share with any friends and family.

You can vote for as many videos as you like but you can only vote once for each video. Watch them all because they are all unique.

Be sure to vote soon! The video with the most votes will be announced on August 25  during a  free webinar to celebrate National Children’s Vision & Learning Month. The winning video will also be posted on the COVD blog  and will be shown at the 41st COVD Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

Also, since we received more videos then we were able to showcase here, you can go to the COVD YouTube page and watch more vision therapy success stories. They are very moving. Stay tuned because we will be featuring some of these fantastic videos here on the COVD blog in the next few weeks!

If you have questions about the contest please email