So with one week to go. you’ve committed yourself to creating a Visions of Hope Video! And now you are thinking, what should this video be about, exactly?

Here are some guidelines to help you create the best possible video:

  • Think of the video as a brief interview answering the following questions:

o What was life like before Vision Therapy?

o Were you/the patient years behind in school or certain subjects like reading or math? Where there parts of your job that you didn’t feel you could do well?

o What other types of therapy or treatment were employed before vision therapy?

o What are some specific examples of improvement you have seen?

  • The video does not have to be complicated or fancy if you don’t want it to be. Just be yourself.
  • The video should be short – about 3 minutes.
  • If you would like your doctor or therapist to participate, you are welcome to do so, but this is not a requirement
  • The Vision Therapy patient needs only be identified by first name.

The video with the most votes will be announced on August 25  during a  free webinar to celebrate National Children’s Vision & Learning Month. The winning video will also be posted on the COVD blog  and will be shown at the 41st COVD Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

COVD looks forward to helping you spread your success with people all over the world!  If you have questions about the contest please email