There are a handful of books that are written by non-optometrists that have a large impact on optometry and vision therapy. The most recent is “Fixing My Gaze,” by Susan Barry, Ph.D., nicknamed Stereo Sue by Oliver Sacks. If you have not had an opportunity to read this book, I encourage you to pick up a copy. I personally guarantee that you will be fascinated by her story and the capacity of the human brain.

The powerful effect of “Fixing My Gaze” is no accident. Dr. Barry is particularly insightful when it comes to the area of how vision can affect a child’s development. As a child who had significant visual problems, she knows first-hand the types of visual problems children can have and how it can affect them. As an adult, Dr. Barry gained 3D vision as a vision therapy patient. As neurobiologist and professor,  her ability to describe how the brain and eyes work together in an easy to read fashion is remarkable.

In honor of August being National Children’s Vision and Learning month, the COVD is sponsoring this FREE 30 minute interview with Dr. Barry on line, “School Crossings: A Neurobiologist’s View of How Our System Fails Children With Vision Problems.”  This meeting is open to parents and educators across the U.S. as well as the media.  It will be held on Thursday, August 26, 2010 at 9 pm, EDT.

Seating is limited, so register now.  To register for this free event, go to: and enter the webinar ID number, which is 547-423-251, your email address, etc.  Just follow the instructions from there.

If you’d like to see some of those registered to atted, you can check out the event on Facebook and leave a comment. You can also read the original press release. If you’d like to read more about Dr. Barry, there are links to interviews news stories on the official Fixing My Gaze website:

See you there!