COVD recognizes the educational value that the internet makes possible. We are committed to helping COVD members understand the new technology and how it can benefit their practices. We are also working toward empowering vision therapy patients to take advantage of the tools of social media to successfully spread their own success story.

COVD has partnered with Foursquare Day, the first global social media holiday. This is will take place on April and is an exciting opportunity to showcase both COVD and vision therapy to the international community. During this never before held global event, Foursquare Day organizer and COVD member Dr. Nate Bonilla-Warford will be video conferencing with COVD president Dr. Brad Habermehl to discuss vision therapy and social media.

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These words were written by Dr. Nathan Bonilla-Warford the Cochair of COVD’s social media committee. This Friday, people will gather around the nation and abroad to celebrate the power of technology and social media. Nowhere has the value of social media been as prevalent as it has been in spreading the news about vision therapy and its ability to change lives. Dr. Bonilla-Warford has agreed to answer a few questions for the readers of this blog in effort to share his knowledge on regarding vision therapy and social media.

What drew you to the idea of a Foursquare Day?

Just a simple numbers idea that four squared is 16. 4 /16 seemed like a good idea to use the foursquare application to check in somewhere. It was as simple as that and has grown into a global holiday.

How do you think that parents/doctors and therapists can use social media to spread the word about Vision Therapy?

Well, social media is all about people connecting and sharing what is important in their lives and is independent of geography. There is a large group of vision therapy patients that are huge advocates for vision therapy. Doctors can help these people connect with those who are looking for answers by supporting online groups that discuss vision and providing resources to patients. Doctors can also help spread the word by blogging, and using social media tools like Twitter and Facebook.

For those who are new to social media, where should they start? What is one thing they could do today to “join the conversation”?

For someone who is totally new, I’d suggest the find out what sites their friends and family use and spend time at their own pace just seeing what the conversation is like. For many people, Facebook is a good start. As you get more comfortable with the pace of conversation, you can explore other networks, like Twitter and Foursquare.

As the Co-Chair of COVD’s social media committee, what are your plans for COVD’s continued use of Social Media?

There are many. I plan to strengthen COVD’s use of the current tools we have. That in part starts by educating members about the uses of social media and putting resources in their hands. We’ll accomplish this via the Optometry and Vision Development journal, lectures at the annual COVD meeting, as well as webinars and other training opportunities.

Thank you Dr. Bonilla-Warford, we are looking forward to your next endeavor in social media. Good luck on April 16, Foursquare Day!