From AOA First Look:

In the Eye Man column appearing in California’s Redwood City Daily News (8/14), optometrist Andrew C. Soss, O.D., FAAO, responded to a reader who had enrolled her child in a private school that requires students to undergo eye examinations performed by an eye doctor prior to the start of the school year. The reader had already taken her son to the family physician for a physical, during which the child’s eyes were checked. She now wanted to know “what difference…it make[s]” who performs the eye examination. Dr. Soss replied that “there is a lot more to vision than just seeing 20/20.” For example, “[c]hildren’s eyes are different than adults.” Specifically, “the constant adjustments to continuous changes associated with development of these growing eyes and formulating brain centers devoted to vision can create challenges.” In addition, “the amount of reading and learning that goes on in a classroom and during homework duties can cause a lot of stress to these young students.” During “a comprehensive examination” performed by an eye expert, tests “can predict what visual stimuli may impair a student’s ability to learn.”